Story of The Architecture

The Architecture is an initiative by two graduates from MANIT – Bhopal. After understanding the Industry’s pros and cons in India Ar. Rajat Katarne and Ar. Sourabh Verma depicted that in this modern era of Internet and technology there was no genuine place for architects and designers to be updated about the architecture design and techniques, latest technology, changing materials all around.

In December 2017, The Architecture Times setup an online Architectural Journalism platform to inspire and spread knowledge among the Architectural and Interior design background mass. With the wide and futuristic perspective for our developing nations, Understanding the paths of developed Countries.


Our Vision is exchanging amazing thoughts and views positively. Pushing others to create new skills, share knowledge and celebrate new achievements by various mentors. We are promising to impart the best designing news, ideas, and solution.


The percentage of developed countries are still very less as compared to the developing, our mission is to make aware the people of developing countries about the changing trends in the Architecture, planning and Interior designing Industry. Learning from the mistakes made by the developed countries, we can create a world gets designed in a far better way, which may lead to the development of our earth in greener Planet, thus creating a positive aura all over.