Amazon Sells Do-it-yourself Tiny House Kit That Takes Only 2 Days To Build From $5,000


Minimalistic downsizing is becoming trendy as housing prices are rising, making tiny houses the cute and cozy popular choice. Not only are tiny houses easy to maintain, quick to clean, and less to worry about leaving you free to do all the fun things you want to do in life, they’re also easy to build. So easy actually that Amazon is now selling build-it-yourself kits for tiny houses starting at just $5,000!

One of the bigger sized houses has two bedrooms and costs just under $19,000 is advertised as taking only two to three days to build with only two people. Amazon prides itself on being the go-to easy-to-use online marketplace for everything you need and now they really mean it. They’ll even sell and deliver you a house! Not only is it easy to buy, but it’s also easy to build. And there is a variety of tiny homes to choose from; over two dozen options are available. These DIY tiny-home kits range from 113-foot cabins at $5,350 and loft-bedroom houses at $20,000.



The company selling this tiny-house kit on Amazon is a wood-production e-retailer Allwood Outlet. Their all-wood tiny homes are advertised as cabins because they come with only bare materials and few features. According to Allwood Outlet, the tiny home is “large enough to function as a summer house, granny flat, home office or even a stand-alone retail building”. To turn the cabin into a residence, Allwood suggests adding utility hookups for electricity and internet, and insulation for colder temperatures.



The tiny house is shipped to you free of charge in three big parcels. All the materials needed for constructing the tiny home come in the shipped package: including wood planks and boards, roof shingles and gables, glass panes, nails and screws, and the lock for the door. Allwood says only “minimal tools are needed.” Even someone with minimal building experience can do it following the “easy to use” instructions accompanied within the package.


However, it is possible you’ll need outside expertise for building a foundation to ensure the home is secure and stable. Materials for that are not included. It is very important you add a foundation made of gravel or concrete as it can help give a house a stable base, especially if you’re trying to build a tiny house on grass (that can soften in the rain) or on ground that’s not flat.


As far as their smallest 113 square foot $5,000 model goes, Allwood also suggests not using this model as a tiny home, but instead as a “home office, lake house, guest cottage, yoga studio, retail kiosk, or simply a retreat in your back yard.” Their largest model is a 354 square feet $34,900 home. However, Amazon does sell even larger build-it-yourself home kits for $46,900 and $64,650 but they are over the 400-square-foot maximum under the definition of a “tiny house.”


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