Beautiful And Modern Cantilevered House From All Over The World
Cantilevers, which can be technically described as beams anchored at only one end, are widely used in construction and most often found in balconies or roofs. Modern buildings, however, take the concept even further and they feature entire rooms and sections sticking out of the main volume and hovering in mid air. Their designs are often impressive and eye-catching.

The Trojan House


Located in Melbourne, Australia, the Trojan House was a project by Jackson Clemens Burrows Pty. Ltd.The sculptural architecture you see here is an extension built for the existing house.

The architects wished to maintain as much back yard as possible so they designed the cantilever. This volume contains the kids’ bedrooms and a bathroom and they’re suspended above the garden. Underneath a beautiful deck/terrace was incorporated into the building’s design.

The Hill House.

The Hill House is also an addition to an existing house located in Melbourne, Australia. The project was conducted by Melbourne-based Andrew Maynard Architects. They decided to design the extension as a cantilevered box hovering above the back yard. This annex faces the sun and the original house, making the back yard the central area. The architects wanted to cantilever the new structure off a cliff but, since the landscape was flat, they had to manufacture a synthetic, undulating landscape. The artificial hill they created supports the cantilevered volume and houses a series of spaces on the ground floor. It also serves as a slide.

The Waccabuc House

The Waccabuc House was designed by architect Chan-li Lin from Rafael Viñoly Architects. It’s located in Westchester County, New York and it was completed in 2011. Unlike most cantilevered houses we’ve seen so far, this one cantilevers on both ends. It’s a two-storey building with a design that takes advantage of the landscape. The architect was forced to come up with such a design because of the fact that the existing house had a small footprint and no room to be expanded on the ground level. The cantilevered ends extend 20 feet beyond the supports and form a porch and a carport.

The Balancing Barn.

From New York we go to Suffolk, UK where we found this interesting-looking residence. It’s called the Balancing Barn and it was designed by MVRDV and Mole Architects. It has a 15 meter cantilever and it’s 30 meters long in total. The house sits on a slope and provides unique views of the beautiful surrounding nature. Designed to respond to the site conditions and natural setting, the building is clad in reflective panels. It serves as a holiday home and it can be rented. The residence also has a fun feature: a swing suspended from the edge of the cantilevered volume.

The Beaumaris House


Melbourne is home to many architecturally-interesting projects and we just found another one for you to take a look at. The Beaumaris House was built here by Maddison Architects. It’s a 5-bedroom, 4 bathroom home with a cantilevered space hovering over the outdoor areas and offering views of the bay. The house is composed of two box-lie structures and the one we’ve just described is one of them. It houses the living areas, the kitchen and balconies and it has floor-to-ceiling glass walls and black exterior walls.

Casa CH.


Casa CH is a residenc located in Garza Garcia, Mexico. Designed by GLR Arquitectos. The original house found on the site was demolished to make room for a more modern one. The residence. Features a compact and sculptural structure, with a cantilevered volume featuring Floor-to-ceiling glass walls facing the interior courtyard and the adjacent volume. This transparency gives the sensation of being on a floating bridge hovering over the terrace.

The Lift residence.


This mysterious black structure can be found in Sendai, Japan. It’s a single-family home designed by Architectural studio Apollo Archtiects and Associates. The house features an impressive cantilevered structure which stands out because of its black and compact exterior which contrasts with the surroundings. What makes this particular design unusual is the shape of the cantilevered volume which features a steep angle as well as the fact that, apparently, the house doesn’t have any windows.

The Utriai Residence

We now go to western Lithuania where we find this interesting residence. Situated in a small town in Klaipėda County, the residence was a project by local studio G.Natkevicius & Partners. It was completed in 2006 and it has a very interesting shape. The house was built on a slope and it features a huge cantilevered volume sitting on an angle. Underneath it is a covered parking space. Without any other houses in its vicinity, the Utriai residence dominates the landscape and offers uninterrupted views of the surroundings.

The Yatsugatake house.

This contemporary residence was designed by Kidosaki Architects and it’s located in Nagano, Japan. Completed in 2012, the house covers an area of 303 square meters on a sloping mountain ridge. It offers spectacular views of the mountains thanks to its carefully chosen design and positioning. To maximize the views the architects decided to extend the house into the air and to build it on steel cylinders designed to support the cantilevered volume. The strong indoor-outdoor connection was the key to this design.

Casa Casuarinas.


Covering an area of 3,552 square feet, Casa Casuarinas is a private residence designed by Metropolis and located in Lima, Peru. The modern design of the house was envisioned with an upper floor enclosed in glass, with panoramic views of the surroundings and a futuristic look. The cantilevered volume contains the living room, the master bedroom, 2 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and a terrace. The simplicity of the design allows the architecture of the building to impress even more.


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