Challenges and Issues face by Indian Architects; Which have to Resolve by Council of Architecture


1. What about Issue of Earnest money from the Architects.

2. Eligibilty criteria asking for minimum turnovers.

3. Support to architects in case of litigation and non payment.

4. Making strict provisions to ensure payment of architects.

5. Making easy provisons for practicing architects to persue higher education considering their experience.

6. Just like chartered accountant (CA), if some clients try to shift to another CA, he/she has to take clearance/NOC from the previous one. Else the matter is communicated to their good office (state chapter) for necessary action. The same rules need to be applied in our case too.

7. Empanellment in approval authorities need to be withdrawn. Architects having valid COA degree should be allowed to practice in any corner of the country

8. COA shouldn't give registration to the persons having B-Arch correspondence degree.

9. Entry level need to be screened properly with First Class academic career with science as a subject. (This is the basic reason of loosing dignity infront of other professionals.)

10. Curriculum needs to be changed immediately. Input of more technical part instead of arts/sketches/colourful sheets/collages etc

11. Establishment of a LOGO for architects like doctors, lawyer, CA.

12. COA should take enough interest in blacklisting Architects violating norms.

13. Development authority /municipal corporation/ need to consult Architects/planners/urbanists towards any developmental programs. (mandatory)

14. Professional fees structures needs to be organized and the same should be informed and governed by the state chapter. (Architectural quacks are increasing day by day)

Ar. Sambid Mahapatra



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