Sacred, Fractal and Parametric Designs in Architecture

It is evident that with the time, architecture has kept varying and has grown in the terms of usage of materials, the advancement of construction techniques, usage of computational and technological methods. Every architectural style has been witnessed by a period. Some of the styles were in practice for a limited period of time, but some of them were continued to be in practice. From Neolithic, Sumerian, classical; the most ancient styles of architecture to the post modernism, neo modernism and parametric which are in practice from years to the present time, architecture has kept ascending. The timeline for any of these three facets; sacred, fractal and parametric cannot be strictly defined because designs with these concepts have kept emerging with time. It could be said that the evolution of geometrical concepts has been from sacred to fractal and parametric designs. But even sacred geometrical concepts have been in practice till now, but its usage has evolved with respect to the current time.

Faisal Mosque, Pakistan

Faisal mosque situated in Islamabad, Pakistan on the margalla hills. The mosque doesn’t have a dome and is shaped like a Bedouin tent. It is surrounded by four 79m tall minarets which are an essential feature of mosque architecture.

Faisal Mosque in Spring Season

Chapel Notre dame de Haut is one among the finest examples of architecture of Franco-swiss architect Le Corbusier, built in 1955. It is a roman catholic chapel in Ronchamp. This chapel has been described as the first post-modern building by some people and others call it as the first building of the movement Expressionist architecture. The openings were scattered randomly all around the wall, slanting towards their centers, letting in the light at different angles, which added to the sacred nature of the building. Although the shapes and patterns used were not arbitrary, and as stated by Le Corbusier, they were derived from golden section.

Chapel Notre dame de Haut by Le Corbuiser

Although, parametric is at boom in the modern era, sacred and fractal concepts are prevailing too. Moreover, fractal concepts in parametric models and use of sacred geometric patterns in form of relief, ceiling, etc. in the modern era buildings are noticeable. Beautiful architectural designs incorporating these mixed uses of concepts are appreciable and noteworthy.


 It is true that an architectural style or an architectural geometry does not vanish away, it might be overshadowed, but one could always find its presence when looked upon carefully. So, these three facets of architectural geometry: sacred, fractal and parametric have been presented in different phases of time but their presence and their utilization does not limit to a single phase, they have been continued to be in practice till date with due respect to present timeline and the other trending architectural styles.



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