The Cult Stay: Breaking the hospitality design stereotype

ARTICLE BY : Ar. Trinetra Thobde

The Cult Stay: Breaking the hospitality design stereotype
A boutique hotel in Solapur by- Ar. Snehal Zunjarwad, Z-design Studio, Solapur.

‘Stringent grids sure has limitations, yet defying the mainstream approach can branch alternate variables that strengthens ones creativity and highlights the role of a designer’, says Ar. Snehal Zunjarwad, founder and principal architect of Z-design studio, who has managed to create an unique hospitality experience- The Cult Stay, amidst the town. The studio apartment building, now a boutique hotel, is an intimate and personalised experience which focuses on serving its end user and the architect was lauded for the same at the National Jury of IIID 2020. 

The building located in a semi-commercial zone has various commodities like transport, convenience stores within its proximity, facilitating the user to experience and relax in the space. The exterior facade of the building maintains the city characteristic while the neutral grey tone sets it apart whilst complimenting the interior decor. Structural and budgetary constraints made the architect to maintain the original plan of the studio apartment marking an error in the circulation of the building which is now to serve a different building typology. Although having flawed with the circulation, the functionality of the spaces is on par with any hospitality building, commending the architect’s approach.

The hotel welcomes you with metal art and offers you with different amenities like parking spaces, entertainment area, display cum shopping area and stay. The rooms invite you with art on the walls and has curated furniture to accommodate the user and respect the art form instilled. Furnishings were created onsite to ensure unification with the art adding unique value to each of the in-room amenities which includes the bedding, closet spaces, bar/breakfast counter, kitchenette, and more. Project highlights minimum energy consumption by segregating spaces according to the climate and installing air-conditioning, elevators, other
services only to meet the standards. 


The designer identifies the end users delight which reflects on the interior decor. Architect makes a conscious effort to bring in the rare Indian Art form in the spaces giving each studio an identity of its own and brings forth the colour zoning to provide serene aura which compliments the art forms, thus making it the USP of the project. The Art forms- Kolam, Gond, Shubhray, Mandal - carefully selected, have different styles and forms but commonly depict soothing effect and the user is kept informed about them. Unique art, furnishings developed for the project has highlighted and brought forth the local artisans and craftsman. The building successfully serves its purpose and innovatively loops in the cultural heritage. Its near-home yet luxuriousness makes it a perfect spot for leisure stay establishing the hotels’ tag line- ‘check in and breathe out’. 



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