Importance of subject 'Architectural Graphics' in Design : A historical perspective

Importance of ‘Geometrical Construction in Subject 'Architectural Graphics’


Geometrical Construction in Architectural Graphics is a subject of immense importance in the graduation as well as diploma courses in Architecture, but for the past decade it has loosen its importance . It is time again when its importance has to be revived and make the subject  more interesting.

Human mind simplify the visual environment in order to understand it in the form of regular shapes like circle,triangle,square,pentagon,hexagon etc.Various forms  can be evolved in the process of geometrical construction of these shapes and their integration as evident in history.The great pyramid of Egypt was only designed after the graphical construction of equilateral triangles and  circles and their intersection points as shown in figure 1 below.

Fig-1 Evolution of Great  Pyramid as a result of Geometrical Construction


 While we draw we think simultaneously. Subject architectural graphics teaches us to draw and think in same manner . The subject must include documentation of historical buildings in terms of geometrical shapes and their integration in the introductory or early sessions. According to  Martin Heidegger , our hands are organs for our thinking. Drawing and  integrating various shapes give birth to new  forms which generates  innovative ideas for fulfilling various functional requirements that are essential part of design.

Hence the importance in the development of any design is entirely linked with the final outcome of geometrical construction and integration of various shapes. Thus the geometrical construction in subject Architectural Graphics is of extreme importance for budding architects.


Dr Shikha Verma

Assistant Professor

RV College of Architecture




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