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Certificate in Architectural Journalism is for those looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in this field. If we look around, we see Architecture at its best. Many students seek higher education in the field of Architecture, Civil and Interior Design. This field has emerged to become a major academic area that focuses mainly upon the process, technique and  design of buildings . From beautiful skyscrapers to Victorian style residential suits, architecture plays a major role in forming our society’s infrastructure. History is witness to some of the best architectural designs that have paved way for modern day inspirations.


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Certificate in Architectural Journalism 

Along with the main Architecture course, one can pursue in the field of Architectural Journalism , short certificate programs have also increased in popularity. Now more and more individuals are seeking extra credentials in the form of certificates to help boost their career and increase job prospects. Certificate programs are basically designed for individuals who wish to enhance their skill sets and knowledge.
certificate in architectural journalism has a short duration, usually ranging upto 3 months. It is a career oriented program and comprises of a set of related courses that have been listed below:

  •  Architectural Journalism in India
  •  Technical Writing 
  •  Blog Writing 
  •  Interaction with Architectural Fraternity 
  •  Understanding Local Architectural Enviorment
  •  Analysing Current Problems
  •  Documentation 


What you can do with an Architectural Journalsim certificate program?

A certification can help working individuals boost their career and increase their income level. This is a great way to update your knowledge in the professional field and increase competency.


What are the requirements to get a Certificate in Architectural Journalism?

There are no formal entry requirements for taking a certification course in Architectural Journalism. However, applicants should hold a high school diploma or equivalent degree in field of (Architecture, Civil, Interior design Or Mass Communication). Needless to say, before enrolling in a course , some basic knowledge about Architecture, construction and  literature should help you complete your certification process with ease. 


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